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To provide architects, designers, dealers, and homeowners a portfolio of distinguished, custom-designed hand-made mosaic, ceramic and cement tile products and wrought iron products using the capabilities of our professional, Italian-trained design and production team coupled with premium quality supplies from world over.

the mec story

MEC, Mediterranean Eternal Culture of Arts, exists to bring you the best custom- designed tile patterns for residential as well as commercial settings, using a client- driven approach.

We are a design company that creates patterns using mosaic tiles as well as ceramic and cement tiles. Mosaic tile patterns maybe created for flooring, swimming pool, wall, washroom vanity, washbasin, window pane, kitchen back splash, furniture, and a plethora of other areas and products, such as portraits, medallions, and so on. The list is never-ending! The beauty of the patterns is two fold: you will have a direct involvement in the design process and the final product would be fabricated with the skills of our qualified design folks and Italian-trained artisans using world-class material. We also do wrought iron furniture and lighting, our fascination since 10 years!

MEC came into being after its CEO and present company owner, Zaidi, an avid traveller, went to Italy. There he discovered these meaningless, tiny pieces being assembled in myriad ways into magnificent design patterns. It was on that day in 1979 that he made a promise to himself: To bring the art of quality mosaic work to South Asia and later make MEC a fulfilling, global name for custom designing. Being the pioneer of mosaic work in South Asia, the company has nothing but expanded and the promise of quality has been well kept.


When it comes to designing, we have a passion for custom designing! Custom design is the process of tweaking a product’s characteristics according to one’s needs and requirements. It is a feature of paramount significance in the current global business world because customers want the company to know them individually and be aware of their specific needs. There is in fact a requirement for designers and company personnel to have an elevated level of cognitive as well as interactive skills so they may understand fully what the customer is looking for. While the design process must reflect distinctiveness, it should be very easy to understand and use for the customers in order to enhance strategic value. Customization is communicating one’s interests and needs but we want to go a step further and personalize our products as you please. We want to understand your needs such that that you don’t have to communicate your interests repeatedly. After a set of back and forth communication, we are ready to serve you in the most precise manner there is to pleasing customers, personalizing every step of our interaction so you would be forced to feel that these services have been created for you. We want to create a sense of empowerment in you when it comes to your pattern of choice but only with a very minimal amount of work effort on your part. Sit back and relax while our qualified, adept design team folks work on your project.

Our Designers

We are MEC’s design team! We aspire to deliver what delights our clients, with a 100% focus on quality. The success of our firm is embedded in our clients- people like you who offer us the chance to provide excellent service. We work by establishing and maintaining a closely knit relationship with our clients. Having experience in handling a plethora of multidisciplinary design projects, we will present solutions that are economically viable yet reflect elegance and luxurious living. Our main focus is bespoke designs so we work in close collaboration with our clients. We are here to create your dream project, to aid you at every step so we have a quality product at the end that combines your preferences and our designer expertise. Adept at the art of designing, we want to serve you as you desire with an ongoing engagement from your side. We offer services such as 3D rendering of images, CAD drawings and other valuable suggestions, completely free of cost. At MEC, we live, eat and breathe custom designing- Have a design in mind? Let’s talk.

We are extremely excited to work with you! Just can’t wait!

That was MEC’s story. We would love to hear your side of the story, today. Are you a homeowner or an architect or a designer representing a company? What is your budget? Do you have a particular design in mind? There! We are almost in a relationship and we are sure you will love MEC as much as we adore you- Let’s work together for our mutual benefit.