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Mediterranean Eternal Culture of Arts, or MEC as we prefer being called, is one of the leading global producers of handcrafted custom mosaic art. We specialize in all things MOSAIC. Interior or exterior design, glass or marble tile, residential or commercial spaces, mosaic rugs or swimming pools we’ve got it all covered!


In the summer of 1979, one fine day, an avid traveller was browsing through the streets of Italy, sightseeing and looking for souvenirs to take back home. There he came across the art of mosaic in its most glorious form. Little pieces of glass tiles, called tesserae, were being individually selected and arranged together to form a breathtaking masterpiece.

So how did MEC go from an inspired tourist to the leading international company that is synonymous with premium quality custom made mosaics today. Let us briefly take you through the journey.


We are the pioneers of tailor-made mosaic work in the South Asian Sub-Continent region. MEC’s main workshop and prodution facilities are located in Lahore, Pakistan. Other MEC offices are located in Dubai, UAE and Ontario, Canada. `Everything is produced in our state-of-the-art factory by Italian-trained mosaic experts. We import our material from the best sources around the world.

We have an ISO 9002 certification under our belt. MEC has a thorough quality check on every step of the process to ensure that every customer gets the best.


We consider the Humans of MEC the real core of our company. MEC is in fact one big collaborative effort among all the team members of the organization.

Having received training from Italian Mosaic Experts, our craftsmen, are also kept up-to-date with the latest and upcoming materials techniques and practices of the industry. This includes attending local and foreign workshops, invitation of international experts to conduct trainings at home as well as keeping an eye on the relevant blogs & magazines.

We have a marvellous team of designers that are always happy to work with the clients to help them achieve the perfect masterpiece. Furthermore, we collaborate with international designers from time to time for various projects and new product lines.

Sarah Ryan, Lead Designer


Lead Designer, Glass Mosaic
Fatima Hasan, Architect and Designer


Architect & Designer
Zeba Ishaq, Senior Graphic Designer


Senior Graphic Designer
Beatriz Elizando, Art Director


Art Director


MEC completes and delivers hundreds of mosaic, tiles and wrought iron products every year. Our company’s hand- crafted products are found in different regions of the globe including various types of residential and commercial establishments. Home, Villas, Restaurants & Bars, Hotels, Public Spaces, Palaces, Malls, Office Buildings, you name it! Majority of our end products are tailor made one-of-a-kind art master- pieces that re ect the color and style preferences of interior designers, architects and their clients.


Have a question or a comment? Need a quotation or want to discuss a design possibility or a project? Feel free to drop us a message here. We always love hearing from you guys. You can also email us or get in touch with us over the social media. Expect to hear back from us within 24 hours because we don’t like to keep you waiting.