Simplistic, distinct patterns define this captivating collection of striking marble ornamentations. Developed in collaboration with the award-winning designer Beatriz Elizando; Marcella, translates to “a strong warrior”, which is rightly suited to the bold Marcella patterns.

The Marble Coverings

The creative enthusiasm of our mosaicists has enabled us to produce novel and delicately woven mosaic art pieces with artistic arrangements from different shades of marble for floor. Choose from our extensive variety of handcrafted marble stone rugs & medallions.


Enthralling marble stone mosaic patterns from exclusively designed by MEC. Maraic is a collection of mosaic design modules that fit together seamlessly and can be extended to fit any space. Browse through this catalog and have a look at the exciting range of customizable mosaics.


PIXL Mist is one of our latest mosaic range featuring abstract glass mosaic patterns, all related to one theme; water. Browse through dozens of PIXL designs or have us transform your custom design to a PIXL masterpiece with our exclusive AddTek software.


The PIXL Prism collection features enthralling abstract glass mosaic art, perfect to add a dash of color and excitement to any space. Upgrade your style quotient by installing an AddTek PIXL masterpiece virtually anywhere; swimming pool, bath, feature wall, niches and backsplashes.


A collection of exclusively designed and handcrafted mosaic borders by MEC. Mosaic borders are perfect as design accents. Add mosaics to virtually any surface; walls, fabulous kitchen & washroom backsplashes and even on floors.


Lavandé, created exclusively by MEC using premium Jade Glass, is a collection of enthralling waterjet cut tile designs to suit diverse style needs. Jade glass is sourced from the USA and comes in a wide range of vibrant colors. Lavandé patterns create a lovely unforgettable impression and are customizable.


Functionality meets Allure at our deluxe range of custom handcrafted glass mosaic pool designs. Treat your your pool like a canvas you can fill with priceless art by MEC; dazzle everybody with your fancy natatorium and immerse into ultimate luxury for the perfect retreat.


Le Printemps collection is a bouquet of refreshing elegant floral motifs and patterns in an exciting range of glass tile colors. Featuring a range of floral designs to match every taste, be it classical or contemporary, these mosaic blossoms can bring a splash of sparkle and texture to any space.


MEC’s diverse portfolio of Islamic Mosaic projects is unsurpassed by any other arabesque mosaic producer in the world. We design and produce 24,000 meter square of Islamic mosaic embellishments every year and have an exclusive sophisticated system for cladding intricate mosaic on domes.