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IAPEX 2016 – Lahore

We have been exhibiting our spectacular product range around Pakistan. MEC recently participated in IAPEX Lahore earlier this month and the feedback from the visitors (including Architects, Designers, Students and Home Owners) has been truly overwhelming and we are sincerely grateful!

The newly launched range of waterjet cut glass mosaic tiles stole the show and met a great reception from the crowd. Moreover, our booth was the “photography and selfie spot” of the hall. Visitors would take snaps of the wonderful handcrafted custom mosaics and hand-forged wrought iron products on which was flattering.

Upcoming exhibitions include IAPEX 2016 in Karachi. Hope to see you there! Also stay connected to learn about the other countries we are showcasing our booths in.

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White & Gold Damask Central Fireplace

‘White Glass & Gold Damask’ – What’s better than curling up next to a fireplace with a book and a hot beverage in chilly weather. Why, having a central fireplace with a breathtaking glass mosaic decoration of course! You don’t have to compromise on the style of your interior if you’ve got one of those 360 Degrees fireplaces. Turn it into a gorgeous artistic focal point of the room by adorning it with a brilliant glass mosaic pattern like this one. This golden wallpaper-effect masterpiece was designed by Sarah Ryan, it contain actual 24k Gold Glass tiles and is 100% handcrafted!
Handmade Mosaic Murals

One Piece at a Time: Mural Masterpieces

Our species has always been fascinated with inscription and decoration on walls. Since the earliest known humans that lived in caves and scribbled on the rock walls the observations and details related to their daily routines to the modern day child that has just discovered what a marvelous tool a marker is and doodles all over an unattended wall. From the Egyptian heliographic engravings to today’s teens equipped with spray paint cans and stencils obsessed with graffiti. There appears to be a primal instinct programmed into us that tells us that the wall is a canvas and the possibilities are endless.

We can’t really know for sure if it originated because of the need to; record our stories, keep a track of things, send messages, decorate the space or simply engage oneself in the free time. However, the evolution of this concept involved some or several people possibly realizing that certain patterns and designs feel good to look at. This revelation branched into many different forms of art over time; paintings, sign boards, stone carvings, niches and mosaics.

The word mural, in architecture and design, refers to a work of art like paining or mosaic executed directly on the wall (as opposed to paintings and statues that can easily be moved after they are finished). As for the term mosaic, it denotes a form of art which is simply an arrangement of little pieces of any hard material or tesserae (like marble, pebbles, ivory, sea shells and glass tiles) on a surface to get a bigger image or pattern. Mosaic murals come in every style and form you can imagine. Broken pieces of colorful china embedded in a backyard wall in a definitive or abstract pattern, that’s a mosaic mural. Machine printed ceramic tiles (depicting images edible treats) arranged in the kitchen as a backsplash, a portrait of a loved one converted into a glass tile mosaic masterpiece and a scenery made up entirely of little marble tile units are just a few of the examples of mosaic murals. The fact is that, just like an empty canvas and paints, there are virtually no limits to as what can be created in mosaic for a wall. Be it a tiny wall space in a studio apartment bedroom, cascade in a park or a massive storefront in a shopping mall, mosaic murals can be created for just about any surface regardless of the shape and dimensions. Mosaic murals are also fairly easy to maintain and have proven themselves to be one of the most durable forms of design over the centuries!

Here are a few intricately handcrafted Italian-quality mosaic mural projects done by MEC Artworks. The sheer diversity and style variation in the work of the same company will show you just how versatile this art really is. See anything you like? Have a favorite photo or design you’d like to be converted to a mosaic masterpiece? We can help! At MEC we strive to help our customers get the product of their dreams. There is no compromise on color palette, pattern, shapes or quality of the mosaics. We import the best material from around the globe and have the best international designers and artisans at your service to help you realize your vision perfectly. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. For more designs visit our website: MEC Artworks. Worldwide shipping available.


Mosaic Niches: The Wall Gems

Walls are an important part of the overall interior design so when you decorate a room you have to give a good amount of consideration and time while deciding what you want them to reflect. Making the perfect choice can go a long way in defining the ambiance of the space and reflecting one’s personality and style. Need a novel wall décor idea that’s not overused like picture frames, painting, decals and wallpapers? Try niches, mosaic tile adorned niches to be specific, it lets you be as creative as you want since mosaic is essentially and art form which is very versatile and can be used to depict uncountable number of designs and patterns. Niches are basically a recess set into a wall, sort of like a built-in shelf. They can be used to hold and display anything from vases or any other ornamental or artistic item to TVs and even shampoo bottles and soaps (in case of a bath area mosaic niche). Niches are used extensively in both interior as well as exterior walls and their history dates back to Ancient Rome. You may find examples of these architectural structures everywhere in different forms and shapes. From the mehrabs in mosques, to the niches of old temples and buildings, to wall recess in modern constructions for both decorative and practical purposes, niches exist in various ways. If you’re a design enthusiast and/or a home owner, consider installing a few niches around the house; a couple in the bathroom as a spare storage shelf that doesn’t look too bad either. Maybe a few niches in the living room or the dining area to display some of your art pieces and collectibles and a big one to hold your flat TV and a in the bedroom recess that serves as a small bookshelf for your night time reading. If you already have a house with niches or you freshly got them constructed into the wall your next decision has to be how you want to decorate it. Of courses covering it with wallpaper and using a wise color to paint it are some valid options. However if you want to transform the wall space to an extraordinary piece of art to make a powerful interior design statement, go with mosaic tiles. A mosaic niche will this immensely enhance the style quotient of the space. Furthermore, it might also serve as a priceless piece of art that means something special to you because you personally chose a design, pattern, theme and palette of your dreams. That is one of the major perks of custom-made item; you can get just the perfect balance of everything. You can pick from the extensive tile materials offered in the market, natural stones, agglomerated marble, transparent glass tesserae and glass tile with all kinds of shine and colors you can think of from 24k gold foil embedded tiles to multi-shade tiles with added glitter! Like mentioned earlier in this post, mosaic tile niche is a complete decoration element in itself. So even if a flower vase or a perfume is not in its predestinated place, the niche, the space won’t seem like it is lacking anything. To emphasize and showcase the niche and its contents more clearly you can always choose to add some sort of display lights in or around it. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, you can try using the area surrounding the niche as the part of art as well. After it’s ready and done, just lay back and appreciate the beauty, boast about it to friends that come over too if you want (after all you invested a considerable amount of your time any money in acquiring that gorgeous artifact). Here are a few samples of mosaic niches and mosaic patterns available from MEC Artworks, a global Italian-quality mosaic designing and producing company:
A traditional wall niche with wooden frame featuring a handcrafted marble mosaic art with leaves, scroll and planter elements.
An abstract flames pattern intricately prepared by skilled artisans. This design would look great in contemporary and traditional spaces alike, brightening the place up and adding a splash of design and color.

Pebble Mosaic Pathway

Pebble Mosaics

An Art from the Ancient Ages

Ever been to a beach and found yourself immersed in the enchanting beauty of those round little pebbles on the shore? You might’ve even pocketed some to bring back home for as natural souvenirs. There’s something quite extraordinary about pebbles, isn’t there? That smooth & round shape along with an exceptional strength of rocks, a combination which is rarely found anywhere else in nature. Did you know that the pebbles you see today are actually pieces of much larger and different rocks & stones from millions of years ago! They became smaller and smaller due to natural erosion courses like those of wind and water. Pebbles owe their smooth and polished texture to this erosion and tumbling as well, with more exposed and rough surfaces getting the most abrasions.

Combine these remarkable stones with the mosaic (a pattern or design fashioned by arranging small pieces of hard material, like stones, glass or tiles, together) technique and you’ve got yourselves one of the best pavement and decoration methods. The process isn’t recent, pebble mosaics dating back to as far as the fifth century B.C. have been uncovered. Greeks arranged pebbles in geometrical patterns to make fortified pavements. An example of the most well-preserved ancient pebble mosaic depicts Dionysus’s lion hunt dates back to the fourth century B.C., colored pebbles had been used in this Macedonian artifact. Over years, pebble mosaic evolved to take a variety of forms and colors, particularly from the 18th century when geometric and floral designs became prevalent. Today, the pebble mosaic art knows no bounds. The pebble mosaic craft has survived the tests of time and after all these centuries is still relevant and pursued in the contemporary architecture.

‘What makes pebble mosaics so evergreen?’ you might be wondering. Why would anyone still resort to pebbles when we have modern tiles and other man-made marvels? The answer is simple, no matter how developed we get we will never be able to compete with the nature’s bounties and gifts, or totally replace them. Moreover, this also owes to the durable, low-deterioration nature of pebbles. Last but not least, they seem gorgeous; I mean just have a look at these pebble mosaic pathways and articles.

If you are an appreciator of the hand crafted interior and exterior arts, pebble mosaic is definite to catch your fancy. The pebbles for mosaics are usually handpicked and arranged one-by-one to make a design. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate pebble mosaic into your home or office. The most popular recipients being gardens, patios and yards, you can choose from an endless assortment of designs and pebble mosaic forms for step-stones, pathways, accents and edging. You can use pebble mosaics in your kitchen, washrooms, fancy waterfalls, artificial ponds and interiors as well .When I said that the modern pebble mosaic has no limits, I meant it, aside from having a choice of mortar, pebble refinement level and colors you can also throw in a few glass marbles in the mosaic for some extra glam. Still have those souvenirs from that beach trip? Asks your mosaic contractor to make a special place for your beloved ocean trinkets in the pebble pavement you’re getting done and preserve those memories in time, forever.


Design with Mosaics

Mosaic is THE trendy ‘must-have’ of 2015. Introducing a custom mosaic in your interior design is a brilliant way to display your personal style. The various techniques and materials used to create mosaics have greatly evolved over time. They are especially useful in wet areas, high-traffic floors or when making a design statement. Still undecided on whether mosaic is the right choice for you? Here are a few facts and ideas that will make you admire mosaics:

1 – Perfect for Any Surface

This artistic & imaginative expression can be incorporated into any interior design project in various ways. The possibilities are endless: marble floor motifs, shower area mosaic, bathroom and kitchen back splashes, tabletops, fireplace mantels, mirror borders, stair risers, wall accents and murals. Brighten up your entrance way with a glass mosaic mural or refurbish an old porcelain basin by giving it a whole new surface with personalized mosaic makeover. You can also get a favorite portrait or photograph converted into a tiled masterpiece.

2 – Infinite Design Options

Customization is one of the prime features of mosaic. A skilled designer, with the help of technology, can transform or create just about any theme, design, scenery, picture or color gradient into a beautiful mosaic. With a vast variety of available sizes, shapes and colors, this art form transcends most of the limitations that you’d think it might face. A mosaic mural, though intricate, might not exactly mimic a painting or an HD photograph. Nonetheless, it has its own charm and uniqueness that can’t be matched by any other form of ornamental technique.

3- Ready-made & Long-lasting 

Most of the good quality, commercially available mosaic tiles are resistant to extreme temperature and weather conditions. Moreover, they are rather recommended for water bodies and wet areas because of their non-porous and water-resistant characteristics. Modern mosaics come in ready, easy-to-install (mesh or paper) sheets and are quite durable. Mosaic as a decorative finishing material, not only is entirely attractive but is rather versatile and suitable for all kinds of interior and exterior surfaces.

4- Affordable Solutions

The cost of mosaic can be customized to meet just about any budget. Generally it depends on the type of material used, the intricacy of the pattern and amount of labor hours out into it. Can’t afford to cover the entire bathroom or vanity room area with mosaic tiles? No problem, with mosaic, less can be more. You can get creative with how you can introduce little amounts of mosaic to achieve maximum design effect. A few square feet of strategically placed mosaic can transform a space. Find a color palette or design that would work perfectly with your existing tiles and design. It can be something matching that compliments the rest of the theme or you could add a splash of a totally new color and be bold and fearless. Another way of using limited mosaic tesserae to create wonderful effects is to go for narrow wall or floor tile borders/accents.

5- Flexibility in shapes

Attention to details can make all the difference. The right mosaic can transform an ordinary space into something elegant, trendy and amazing. Mosaics now-a-days are more than square tile in a motif. Other than the usual four-cornered mosaic tiles that come in a variety of sizes, a lot of other new shapes have been trending recently. These unusual tiles can be oval, hexagonal, triangular, diamond-shaped, fish scale, 3D-shapes and more. These tiles can be emphasized by using the right grout to make most out of the tile pattern.

6 – Exciting Materials & Finishes

Metal finishes with or without glass and sea-shell mosaic are two of the many examples of inventive new mosaic trends. For those who want to go all extravagant, some mosaic companies offer glass mosaic tiles embedded with real platinum and actual 24 karat gold leaves.  Some people like to use natural stones to achieve a luxurious yet classy look.

In short, mosaics surely enhance contemporary interior design if they are applied wisely. Make sure you plan ahead and keep your budget and rest of the interior theme in mind. Stand out of the crowd (design-wise), uplift the style quotient of your space with this long-lasting form of art and it would be worth every penny. Lovely, artistic versatile, minimum maintenance and easy-to-clean, what’s there not to like about mosaics!


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Alluring Mosaic Rugs

Mosaic works great as a stylish flooring alternative, especially, on high-traffic areas and places that are subjected to frequent moisture. Marble mosaic works best as flooring material that needs to be functional as well as decorative. When it comes to design, the possibilities with mosaic are virtually endless, a good designer or artisan can create just about any sort of image, pattern or look using the small mosaic units. The design can be as intricate as you want. Attention to details and quality during the production process of a mosaic rug can result in a product that gives the feel and look of a real carpet. The illusion can be so mind-boggling that some might mistake the marble mosaic masterpiece for an actual rug.

Why would anyone go for this alternate when traditional rugs are so easily and widely available? The answer is simple; customizability, practicality and luxury. Furthermore, it is the healthier and cleaner option. With a mosaic rug you don’t have to worry about the usual dust and pollution issue that usually accompanies its typical substitute. Individuals with certain allergies and asthma can find a real relief by opting for this interior design product without compromising on the style element of a space. Mosaic rugs are fairly easy to clean. The maintenance and upkeep of a finished mosaic floor is nominal once it has been installed. Resistance to stains, scratches, moisture, extreme temperatures and weather conditions makes floor mosaics durable and long-lasting.

Transform the floors of your rooms, corridors, hallways, ballrooms, galleries and mansions with MEC’s delicately woven, hand-crafted, marble mosaic designs. Embed these marvelous floor gems to any interior or exterior spaces to instantly get an ambiance upgrade. From the widely popular Persian carpet patterns to European-inspired designs to modern-chic contemporary shapes and arrangements we’ve got it all. The striking detail in our marble mosaic rugs reflects the clarity and elegance of their meticulous creation.

We acquire the best raw materials from around the world to deliver ultimate quality to our marble mosaic customers. You can opt for natural marble tesserae or go with the agglomerated variety (that comes in more varied and bright color options). Either way, you are guaranteed to end up with an exceptionally marvelous floor that will give you joy and delight for years to come and impress every guest that visits your home. With motifs and rugs so charming you’ll be convinced that Aladdin is not the only one with an enchanted carpet.

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Why use mosaic tiles in the bathroom?

Decorating your bathroom with mosaic tiles, whether that means opting for a detailed bathroom mosaic or simply using them like traditional alternatives, is one way to make yours stand out from the crowd. Bathroom mosaic tiling isn’t as common as other options, which is an advantage in and of itself, but it also comes with a number of further benefits. Reliable durability:  Mosaic tiles are made from either marble, stone or hardened glass. Each material is incredibly resistant towards damage – this is one of the reasons why examples of mosaic tiling projects have remained complete all the way from the days of classical antiquity right up to the 21st Century. Within today’s bathrooms, there are plenty of modern appliances that can chip a less durable wall covering. Additionally, mosaic tiles are small. In the unlikely event of one breaking, you will only need to replace a very small part of your wall or floor area. Design flexibility: Mosaic tile is incredibly versatile. This is most obvious when it comes to the wide range of colours and shades that are available; you’ll be able to create an almost unlimited number of designs. The fact that mosaic tiles are extremely small is also beneficial, especially in the bathroom. More than any other room in the house, they tend to be smaller spaces with plenty of hard to reach areas, odd angles and protruding fixtures. This makes it hard to space out or install large tiles – particularly across the walls – but mosaic tiles provide an attractive solution. Cleaning convenience: Few people look forward to cleaning their bathrooms, so opting for design materials that make the process easier is always going to pay off in the long run. Mosaic tile is one such option. These tiles are made from non-porous materials that cannot take in any water, and they can be treated with sealant. This means that germs and mould are unable to gain a foothold. With both the floor and walls, you’ll simply need to wipe the surface down during most cleaning sessions. Here at MEC, we can supply custom bathroom mosaic tiles to fit with whatever you have in mind. Our design team can collaborate with you to understand your needs and ensure that the final result is nothing less than perfect.

How to colour your custom mosaics to produce a specific look

Here at MEC, we provide both design professionals and homeowners with custom mosaics that are hand-made to their exact specifications. We’ve learnt how to use each element of the design process to evoke a certain feeling, and the choice of colour is one of the most important considerations. Here, we look at how you can use the colour scheme of your mosaic to influence the feel of a room.

Calming blue Blue is a low-wavelength colour that has been proven to increase concentration and decrease your heart rate. Scientists believe that it causes natural tranquilizers to be released in your brain, so it’s perfect for use in areas where you would like people to feel relaxed. Additionally, blue is a colour that is often seen in the natural world. This means that people can tolerate large amounts of it for extended periods, so you can use blue as the entire background of your custom mosaic without it being overwhelming.

Creative yellow Sitting between blue and red on the wavelength spectrum, yellow combines the calming nature of the former with the invigorating aspects of the latter, and tends to trigger creative innovation and expression. If the room that you’re decorating tends to be used for artistic tasks, then yellow should feature strongly in your mosaic. However, it is usually better to use as a strong accent than as a background colour, especially if you opt for a brighter shade.

Energetic red Red is a high-wavelength colour that can have a strong physical effect on the human body. It increases your heart rate and metabolism, making you feel more passionate and full of energy. However, it is best to use red tiles only to accent your custom mosaic, as too much of this colour can become slightly uncomfortable.

Balancing green Like blue, green is a low-frequency colour that is strongly associated with nature. Studies have shown that green is associated with positive emotions, and tends to help balance out a hectic environment. This is why green is often used in busy office buildings. If you are installing a mosaic in such an environment, then using a high proportion of green tiles will help to stabilise things. For more information concerning our designs, don’t hesitate to contact one of the team members at MEC today.


Premium Quality Spanish Tiles

Having been in the realm of interior design for decades we here at MEC recognize the significance of a good quality tile for your home. Recognizing that we have talked with some of the best ceramic and porcelain tile producers in Europe to let us buy and further distribute their products. MEC has some huge brands on-board like Colorker and Vives. These are known all over the world for their high standard quality and manufacturing systems.

Spanish Tiles

What separates the tiles available at MEC from the rest of the tiles out there is their qualities that make them more resistant and long-lasting while not compromising a bit on the ornamental aspects.  Their tiles work best for every sort of room or space including wet areas like the bathroom walls & floors. Hundreds of variants, themes, palettes, patterns, colors and sizes are available to meet every type of interior design taste and requirement. In short, it gives us a great level of joy to import and further supply amazing world-class tiles which really give one a great value for money.