It’s All in the Details – Mosaic Art

When it comes to the art of handcrafted mosaics,  the intricacy or work and level of details is first noticeable feature. The amount of man-hours and craftsmanship that goes into each handmade mosaic masterpiece is simply unmatchable.

The mosaicists expertly cut (if needed) and place each tiny tile piece, called tesserae, individually.  Piece by piece they shape pieces of marble or glass into a whole image or pattern. If executed perfectly, the results are often breathtakingly good.

Mosaic is one of the most durable form of art & decor / architecture detail, so all effort and time that goes into each square foot of it is worth it.  Furthermore, no two pieces mosaic are ever identical, due to the handcrafting factor.

If you are looking to adorn your interior, backyard or even pool with unique mosaic of your liking, feel free to contact us. MEC’s team of designers and Italian-trained mosaicists will fashion a custom one-of-a-kind motif just for you.

Browse through the designs from the projects we have already executed or tell us your concept / drawing.

(All our products can be shipped worldwide and come on easy to install mesh-mounted sheets)

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