Moroccan Style Glass Mosaic

Moroccan Mystique Mural

From tilework to décor & accessories (such as cushions, ottomans and lantern style lights) Moroccan style is all about the fascinating geometric patterns, dynamic rich contrasts and intricate details. The distinctive Mediterranean-slash-North African design genre features bold colors and elements that give a feeling of warm luxury, which makes is perfect for anything from a cozy living room to an elegantly lush villa seen in the photo. new moroccan image2

This Marrakesh glass mural mosaic was especially designed by MEC design squad incorporating the famous blue and teal accent hues of Moroccan palette along with yellow, green and actual 24k Gold. Each tile in this chef-d’oeuvre was placed (and cut, where needed) manually by our expert Italian-trained craftsmen. Sparkling glass surface of the mosaic tesserae has the ability to highlight the charm of a Moroccan architecture and design without seeming out of place.

If introduction of a handcrafted mosaic can elevate the style quotient or an already spacious & gorgeous pool-facing lounge, rest assured they can bring a distinct mystique to any interior or space of your choice. Be it a feature wall or a water cascade, glass mosaic tiles are always a good idea for a focal piece.No tags for this post.