Handmade Mosaic Murals

One Piece at a Time: Mural Masterpieces

Our species has always been fascinated with inscription and decoration on walls. Since the earliest known humans that lived in caves and scribbled on the rock walls the observations and details related to their daily routines to the modern day child that has just discovered what a marvelous tool a marker is and doodles all over an unattended wall. From the Egyptian heliographic engravings to today’s teens equipped with spray paint cans and stencils obsessed with graffiti. There appears to be a primal instinct programmed into us that tells us that the wall is a canvas and the possibilities are endless.

We can’t really know for sure if it originated because of the need to; record our stories, keep a track of things, send messages, decorate the space or simply engage oneself in the free time. However, the evolution of this concept involved some or several people possibly realizing that certain patterns and designs feel good to look at. This revelation branched into many different forms of art over time; paintings, sign boards, stone carvings, niches and mosaics.

The word mural, in architecture and design, refers to a work of art like paining or mosaic executed directly on the wall (as opposed to paintings and statues that can easily be moved after they are finished). As for the term mosaic, it denotes a form of art which is simply an arrangement of little pieces of any hard material or tesserae (like marble, pebbles, ivory, sea shells and glass tiles) on a surface to get a bigger image or pattern. Mosaic murals come in every style and form you can imagine. Broken pieces of colorful china embedded in a backyard wall in a definitive or abstract pattern, that’s a mosaic mural. Machine printed ceramic tiles (depicting images edible treats) arranged in the kitchen as a backsplash, a portrait of a loved one converted into a glass tile mosaic masterpiece and a scenery made up entirely of little marble tile units are just a few of the examples of mosaic murals. The fact is that, just like an empty canvas and paints, there are virtually no limits to as what can be created in mosaic for a wall. Be it a tiny wall space in a studio apartment bedroom, cascade in a park or a massive storefront in a shopping mall, mosaic murals can be created for just about any surface regardless of the shape and dimensions. Mosaic murals are also fairly easy to maintain and have proven themselves to be one of the most durable forms of design over the centuries!

Here are a few intricately handcrafted Italian-quality mosaic mural projects done by MEC Artworks. The sheer diversity and style variation in the work of the same company will show you just how versatile this art really is. See anything you like? Have a favorite photo or design you’d like to be converted to a mosaic masterpiece? We can help! At MEC we strive to help our customers get the product of their dreams. There is no compromise on color palette, pattern, shapes or quality of the mosaics. We import the best material from around the globe and have the best international designers and artisans at your service to help you realize your vision perfectly. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. For more designs visit our website: MEC Artworks. Worldwide shipping available.