Mosaic Niches: The Wall Gems

Walls are an important part of the overall interior design so when you decorate a room you have to give a good amount of consideration and time while deciding what you want them to reflect. Making the perfect choice can go a long way in defining the ambiance of the space and reflecting one’s personality and style. Need a novel wall décor idea that’s not overused like picture frames, painting, decals and wallpapers? Try niches, mosaic tile adorned niches to be specific, it lets you be as creative as you want since mosaic is essentially and art form which is very versatile and can be used to depict uncountable number of designs and patterns. Niches are basically a recess set into a wall, sort of like a built-in shelf. They can be used to hold and display anything from vases or any other ornamental or artistic item to TVs and even shampoo bottles and soaps (in case of a bath area mosaic niche). Niches are used extensively in both interior as well as exterior walls and their history dates back to Ancient Rome. You may find examples of these architectural structures everywhere in different forms and shapes. From the mehrabs in mosques, to the niches of old temples and buildings, to wall recess in modern constructions for both decorative and practical purposes, niches exist in various ways. If you’re a design enthusiast and/or a home owner, consider installing a few niches around the house; a couple in the bathroom as a spare storage shelf that doesn’t look too bad either. Maybe a few niches in the living room or the dining area to display some of your art pieces and collectibles and a big one to hold your flat TV and a in the bedroom recess that serves as a small bookshelf for your night time reading. If you already have a house with niches or you freshly got them constructed into the wall your next decision has to be how you want to decorate it. Of courses covering it with wallpaper and using a wise color to paint it are some valid options. However if you want to transform the wall space to an extraordinary piece of art to make a powerful interior design statement, go with mosaic tiles. A mosaic niche will this immensely enhance the style quotient of the space. Furthermore, it might also serve as a priceless piece of art that means something special to you because you personally chose a design, pattern, theme and palette of your dreams. That is one of the major perks of custom-made item; you can get just the perfect balance of everything. You can pick from the extensive tile materials offered in the market, natural stones, agglomerated marble, transparent glass tesserae and glass tile with all kinds of shine and colors you can think of from 24k gold foil embedded tiles to multi-shade tiles with added glitter! Like mentioned earlier in this post, mosaic tile niche is a complete decoration element in itself. So even if a flower vase or a perfume is not in its predestinated place, the niche, the space won’t seem like it is lacking anything. To emphasize and showcase the niche and its contents more clearly you can always choose to add some sort of display lights in or around it. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, you can try using the area surrounding the niche as the part of art as well. After it’s ready and done, just lay back and appreciate the beauty, boast about it to friends that come over too if you want (after all you invested a considerable amount of your time any money in acquiring that gorgeous artifact). Here are a few samples of mosaic niches and mosaic patterns available from MEC Artworks, a global Italian-quality mosaic designing and producing company:
A traditional wall niche with wooden frame featuring a handcrafted marble mosaic art with leaves, scroll and planter elements.
An abstract flames pattern intricately prepared by skilled artisans. This design would look great in contemporary and traditional spaces alike, brightening the place up and adding a splash of design and color.