Design with Mosaics

Mosaic is THE trendy ‘must-have’ of 2015. Introducing a custom mosaic in your interior design is a brilliant way to display your personal style. The various techniques and materials used to create mosaics have greatly evolved over time. They are especially useful in wet areas, high-traffic floors or when making a design statement. Still undecided on whether mosaic is the right choice for you? Here are a few facts and ideas that will make you admire mosaics:

1 – Perfect for Any Surface

This artistic & imaginative expression can be incorporated into any interior design project in various ways. The possibilities are endless: marble floor motifs, shower area mosaic, bathroom and kitchen back splashes, tabletops, fireplace mantels, mirror borders, stair risers, wall accents and murals. Brighten up your entrance way with a glass mosaic mural or refurbish an old porcelain basin by giving it a whole new surface with personalized mosaic makeover. You can also get a favorite portrait or photograph converted into a tiled masterpiece.

2 – Infinite Design Options

Customization is one of the prime features of mosaic. A skilled designer, with the help of technology, can transform or create just about any theme, design, scenery, picture or color gradient into a beautiful mosaic. With a vast variety of available sizes, shapes and colors, this art form transcends most of the limitations that you’d think it might face. A mosaic mural, though intricate, might not exactly mimic a painting or an HD photograph. Nonetheless, it has its own charm and uniqueness that can’t be matched by any other form of ornamental technique.

3- Ready-made & Long-lasting 

Most of the good quality, commercially available mosaic tiles are resistant to extreme temperature and weather conditions. Moreover, they are rather recommended for water bodies and wet areas because of their non-porous and water-resistant characteristics. Modern mosaics come in ready, easy-to-install (mesh or paper) sheets and are quite durable. Mosaic as a decorative finishing material, not only is entirely attractive but is rather versatile and suitable for all kinds of interior and exterior surfaces.

4- Affordable Solutions

The cost of mosaic can be customized to meet just about any budget. Generally it depends on the type of material used, the intricacy of the pattern and amount of labor hours out into it. Can’t afford to cover the entire bathroom or vanity room area with mosaic tiles? No problem, with mosaic, less can be more. You can get creative with how you can introduce little amounts of mosaic to achieve maximum design effect. A few square feet of strategically placed mosaic can transform a space. Find a color palette or design that would work perfectly with your existing tiles and design. It can be something matching that compliments the rest of the theme or you could add a splash of a totally new color and be bold and fearless. Another way of using limited mosaic tesserae to create wonderful effects is to go for narrow wall or floor tile borders/accents.

5- Flexibility in shapes

Attention to details can make all the difference. The right mosaic can transform an ordinary space into something elegant, trendy and amazing. Mosaics now-a-days are more than square tile in a motif. Other than the usual four-cornered mosaic tiles that come in a variety of sizes, a lot of other new shapes have been trending recently. These unusual tiles can be oval, hexagonal, triangular, diamond-shaped, fish scale, 3D-shapes and more. These tiles can be emphasized by using the right grout to make most out of the tile pattern.

6 – Exciting Materials & Finishes

Metal finishes with or without glass and sea-shell mosaic are two of the many examples of inventive new mosaic trends. For those who want to go all extravagant, some mosaic companies offer glass mosaic tiles embedded with real platinum and actual 24 karat gold leaves.  Some people like to use natural stones to achieve a luxurious yet classy look.

In short, mosaics surely enhance contemporary interior design if they are applied wisely. Make sure you plan ahead and keep your budget and rest of the interior theme in mind. Stand out of the crowd (design-wise), uplift the style quotient of your space with this long-lasting form of art and it would be worth every penny. Lovely, artistic versatile, minimum maintenance and easy-to-clean, what’s there not to like about mosaics!