Alluring Mosaic Rugs

Mosaic works great as a stylish flooring alternative, especially, on high-traffic areas and places that are subjected to frequent moisture. Marble mosaic works best as flooring material that needs to be functional as well as decorative. When it comes to design, the possibilities with mosaic are virtually endless, a good designer or artisan can create just about any sort of image, pattern or look using the small mosaic units. The design can be as intricate as you want. Attention to details and quality during the production process of a mosaic rug can result in a product that gives the feel and look of a real carpet. The illusion can be so mind-boggling that some might mistake the marble mosaic masterpiece for an actual rug.

Why would anyone go for this alternate when traditional rugs are so easily and widely available? The answer is simple; customizability, practicality and luxury. Furthermore, it is the healthier and cleaner option. With a mosaic rug you don’t have to worry about the usual dust and pollution issue that usually accompanies its typical substitute. Individuals with certain allergies and asthma can find a real relief by opting for this interior design product without compromising on the style element of a space. Mosaic rugs are fairly easy to clean. The maintenance and upkeep of a finished mosaic floor is nominal once it has been installed. Resistance to stains, scratches, moisture, extreme temperatures and weather conditions makes floor mosaics durable and long-lasting.

Transform the floors of your rooms, corridors, hallways, ballrooms, galleries and mansions with MEC’s delicately woven, hand-crafted, marble mosaic designs. Embed these marvelous floor gems to any interior or exterior spaces to instantly get an ambiance upgrade. From the widely popular Persian carpet patterns to European-inspired designs to modern-chic contemporary shapes and arrangements we’ve got it all. The striking detail in our marble mosaic rugs reflects the clarity and elegance of their meticulous creation.

We acquire the best raw materials from around the world to deliver ultimate quality to our marble mosaic customers. You can opt for natural marble tesserae or go with the agglomerated variety (that comes in more varied and bright color options). Either way, you are guaranteed to end up with an exceptionally marvelous floor that will give you joy and delight for years to come and impress every guest that visits your home. With motifs and rugs so charming you’ll be convinced that Aladdin is not the only one with an enchanted carpet.