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Why use mosaic tiles in the bathroom?

Decorating your bathroom with mosaic tiles, whether that means opting for a detailed bathroom mosaic or simply using them like traditional alternatives, is one way to make yours stand out from the crowd. Bathroom mosaic tiling isn’t as common as other options, which is an advantage in and of itself, but it also comes with a number of further benefits. Reliable durability:  Mosaic tiles are made from either marble, stone or hardened glass. Each material is incredibly resistant towards damage – this is one of the reasons why examples of mosaic tiling projects have remained complete all the way from the days of classical antiquity right up to the 21st Century. Within today’s bathrooms, there are plenty of modern appliances that can chip a less durable wall covering. Additionally, mosaic tiles are small. In the unlikely event of one breaking, you will only need to replace a very small part of your wall or floor area. Design flexibility: Mosaic tile is incredibly versatile. This is most obvious when it comes to the wide range of colours and shades that are available; you’ll be able to create an almost unlimited number of designs. The fact that mosaic tiles are extremely small is also beneficial, especially in the bathroom. More than any other room in the house, they tend to be smaller spaces with plenty of hard to reach areas, odd angles and protruding fixtures. This makes it hard to space out or install large tiles – particularly across the walls – but mosaic tiles provide an attractive solution. Cleaning convenience: Few people look forward to cleaning their bathrooms, so opting for design materials that make the process easier is always going to pay off in the long run. Mosaic tile is one such option. These tiles are made from non-porous materials that cannot take in any water, and they can be treated with sealant. This means that germs and mould are unable to gain a foothold. With both the floor and walls, you’ll simply need to wipe the surface down during most cleaning sessions. Here at MEC, we can supply custom bathroom mosaic tiles to fit with whatever you have in mind. Our design team can collaborate with you to understand your needs and ensure that the final result is nothing less than perfect.