How to colour your custom mosaics to produce a specific look

Here at MEC, we provide both design professionals and homeowners with custom mosaics that are hand-made to their exact specifications. We’ve learnt how to use each element of the design process to evoke a certain feeling, and the choice of colour is one of the most important considerations. Here, we look at how you can use the colour scheme of your mosaic to influence the feel of a room.

Calming blue Blue is a low-wavelength colour that has been proven to increase concentration and decrease your heart rate. Scientists believe that it causes natural tranquilizers to be released in your brain, so it’s perfect for use in areas where you would like people to feel relaxed. Additionally, blue is a colour that is often seen in the natural world. This means that people can tolerate large amounts of it for extended periods, so you can use blue as the entire background of your custom mosaic without it being overwhelming.

Creative yellow Sitting between blue and red on the wavelength spectrum, yellow combines the calming nature of the former with the invigorating aspects of the latter, and tends to trigger creative innovation and expression. If the room that you’re decorating tends to be used for artistic tasks, then yellow should feature strongly in your mosaic. However, it is usually better to use as a strong accent than as a background colour, especially if you opt for a brighter shade.

Energetic red Red is a high-wavelength colour that can have a strong physical effect on the human body. It increases your heart rate and metabolism, making you feel more passionate and full of energy. However, it is best to use red tiles only to accent your custom mosaic, as too much of this colour can become slightly uncomfortable.

Balancing green Like blue, green is a low-frequency colour that is strongly associated with nature. Studies have shown that green is associated with positive emotions, and tends to help balance out a hectic environment. This is why green is often used in busy office buildings. If you are installing a mosaic in such an environment, then using a high proportion of green tiles will help to stabilise things. For more information concerning our designs, don’t hesitate to contact one of the team members at MEC today.