Premium Quality Spanish Tiles

Having been in the realm of interior design for decades we here at MEC recognize the significance of a good quality tile for your home. Recognizing that we have talked with some of the best ceramic and porcelain tile producers in Europe to let us buy and further distribute their products. MEC has some huge brands on-board like Colorker and Vives. These are known all over the world for their high standard quality and manufacturing systems.

Spanish Tiles

What separates the tiles available at MEC from the rest of the tiles out there is their qualities that make them more resistant and long-lasting while not compromising a bit on the ornamental aspects.  Their tiles work best for every sort of room or space including wet areas like the bathroom walls & floors. Hundreds of variants, themes, palettes, patterns, colors and sizes are available to meet every type of interior design taste and requirement. In short, it gives us a great level of joy to import and further supply amazing world-class tiles which really give one a great value for money.