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Interested in ordering our handmade mosaics? Here’s the process

If there’s anything that we believe in even more strongly than handmade mosaics here at MEC, Mediterranean Eternal Culture of the Arts, it is a truly custom design process. Yes, our mosaic tiles may be very beautiful, encompassing such in-demand options for both domestic and commercial backdrops as marble and glass mosaic in addition to the likes of wrought iron, ceramic tiles and cement tiles, but they are even more beautiful when they are designed entirely for you.

It’s a very simple custom design process here at MEC. First, you get in touch with us. Whether you are a homeowner, architect, designer or dealer, we will adopt much the same approach, taking the time to get to better know and understand you and your requirements. It is as part of this process that we will listen to whatever specifications you may have in mind already – even if that is only a vague idea of what form the final result will take.

Of course, many of those who contact us already have rather more specific ideas as to what they do and don’t want the final outcome to be like. Regardless, once our designers have listened to such ideas, they will start work on putting it into some more substantial form, reviewing the information that they already have and arranging a representative to have a word with you. The collaborative work process will then begin in earnest.

The MEC design team will work with you en route to preparing an online prototype of your desired product design, alongside a basic assessment of costs. The production process can then get underway, with an MEC communications representative keeping you updated as to its progress. Once the product is ready, we will send you images of the finished pattern and other shipping details for your convenience.

If the final pattern that you receive still doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll continue working with you to resolve our differences and create handmade mosaics of which we can both be genuinely proud. If we do meet with your satisfaction first time out, we’d be delighted! After all, that’s the very least that our custom design process has been devised to achieve.

Remember that even after completion of your order, we’re eager to build an ongoing relationship with you, not least through our monthly newsletters and other media that we may send periodically with your approval. Does all of the above sound lovely to you? If so, just get in touch with us now to get what we hope to be a very special relationship going with our gorgeous handmade mosaics!