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MEC – we’re about so much more than custom mosaics!

Here at MEC – Mediterranean Eternal Culture of Arts – we believe that tiles, and especially mosaic tiles, can be truly beautiful. That was, and remains the view of our CEO and current company owner Zaidi, who began the company in 1979 after being inspired by the mosaics that he spotted on a trip to Italy that year. His passion has been perpetuated throughout a company that now enjoys an immense reputation for the manufacture of the highest quality custom mosaics.

Today, MEC offers the very finest, most distinguished custom-designed and hand-made mosaic, ceramic and cement tile products and wrought iron products, made from the most premium quality materials from around the world. Our stunning and ever-compelling range of designs is the work of a diligent, skilled and enthusiastic team that works closely with clients to create mosaics that are as luxurious and elegant as they are genuinely economically viable.

You may turn to MEC for custom mosaics as any of a wide range of types of individual. You may be a homeowner, dealer, architect or designer. You may be interested in how our mosaic tile patterns could be used to decorate your floor, walls, washbasin, window panes, furniture, kitchen back splash and/or swimming pool. Alternatively, you may be interested in our wrought iron furniture and lighting ranges, of which we are also singularly proud.

Our company came into being because our avid traveller of a founder wished to introduce the remarkable art of quality mosaic work to South Asia. Today, MEC’s beautiful custom mosaics are being brought to the world, thanks to a combination of superb quality materials, the deft work of our Italian-trained artisans and a design process that places you, our customer, at the very centre.

Throughout our expansion, we have never compromised on the quality that was the hallmark of MEC in its earliest days. Nowhere is this better appreciated than in our exacting design process. Our custom mosaics really are custom mosaics, with every step of the journey taken by the design team and customer being a personal and interactive one. We take pride in empowering you as our customer, through a precise service that leaves you feeling like the finished product is truly yours.

Whatever your status, whatever your budget and whatever design you may have in mind, here at MEC, we can’t wait to work with you! Just contact us today to begin our relationship and find out why we really are about so much more than custom mosaics.